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reform is on the rise in america. less is the president going to be a one term president if it means getting this passed. >> dave: a new audio of an airline pilot taking the air traffic control to please let passengers off that judge after being stranded on the tarmac for six hours. we will give you the passengers understandably angry reactions coming up next. >> clayton: hurricane built already bringing lots of rain. we give you the latest on the first of major hurricane of the season. our slogan this one comes from james in florida. from hurricane built to capitol hill, "fox & friends" made no show. >> announcer: is "fox & friends". >> clayton: look at the studio and look who's back. >> alysin: welcome back dave. >> dave: vacation was wonderful, therapeutic, beautiful weather, relaxing except for the fact is all parents can relate with your vacation with your two kids and three others, there is no relaxation. >> clayton: did you -- this is how gung ho he was. he went so far as to purchase a book that's optimistic. >> clayton: it didn't get cracked open because of the kids. >> dave
for america russian ark is the successor to obama for america or. that's what the dnc set up to help the candidate treated so that would be illegal. that's where reverend in-sourcing can you rephrase the question without suggesting that we are violating the law somehow ? >> mike: he wanted e-mails we contacted the people and send them back to the white house they will look at them safe and get them off the list. >> clayton: the white house as they maintain a massive e-mail list to promote positions on things such as healthcare. we'll get our updates. >> mike: i would like to get off a lot of lists. get rid of all the spam in my computer so i can only imagine the ones you are on. meantime we have to update you on the tom hall's because president obama is gearing up for another time on meeting and sightseeing today after yesterday's meeting in montana. joining us from big sky montana is mike emanuel. good morning early to you. how did this town hall meeting go yesterday? spent it was pretty good, alysin president obama today will be parked tourist in chief taking his family to yellowst
will show some of america's worst klunkers robichaux should have no restrictions on these klunkers. like the cash for clockers. it can be anything speak you look at karl rove's clunker coming up behind it was a very busy friday in the house on friday. not just healthcare, not just cash for clockers, but another bill brought by barney frank. the democrat from massachusetts, and that is limiting executive pay the cover of the new york post sums it up this way. bonus clause discussion, the outrage. you heard the story earlier in the week nine bailout banks paid out million-dollar bonuses to 4800 employees. these are banks and received bailout money and still have not paid it back. but now they're going to be able to limit the executive pay at these firms. >> clayton: as an example, citigroup. here's what citigroup went through, they took $45 billion of the t.a.r.p. funds. they were involved in the t.a.r.p. funds. they lost 18.7 billion in profits in 2008. they gave 700 employees bonuses of $1 million plus. >> bankamerica took $45 billion in t.a.r.p. funds. the net income fell from $14 billi
that means? if the president, your commander-in-chief fails, america fails. now, when a senator says that this will be his waterloo, and we all know what happened at waterloo, then we have him and he fails. do we want a failed state of the united states russian ark so remember, they are spreading fear and they are trying to see that the first president who looks like me fails. and i want you to know, people look at the united states as a country that has changed its way and has elected someone from kenya and kansas. i will put it like that. >> that's quite a headline again. did you know that wreck obama was from kenya and kansas westerner and i think it's from fighting to eisenhower was from kansas. i'm from kansas. stu and his mother is from kansas and his father is from kenya. his parents are from kenya and kansas. i don't she said the. >> i know it. she said the united states of america has elected a person from kenya and kansas to resident. there are a few interesting things. we also played her in the opening of the show talking about fidel castro, the communist leader people can
for america. he won't do that. in fact there's legislation that senator coburn have authored that would do just the opposite. instead of congress saying here's the health-care will give you, we'll give you the option of having the same health-care congress has an effect on a similar system that every number of congress has come as well as every federal employee has. >> alysin: lawmakers, the plan that lawmakers have, offers a choice of ten health-care plans that provide access to a national network of doctors. again, the president has been explicit think that if you are having right now with your plan, that under his proposal or the congress proposal that would change. are you saying he's being as honest about that? spanky on the citizenry his own bills. if you look at house bill it's very clear. while hospitals are clear. you will not keep your plan. for example carissa, is about 122 million health-care consumers receive in this country, which is basically big employer plans, if you work for a large estate employer, they have arisen plants because it accepts them from state law so they ca
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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